3 of the Best Video Editing Apps for your Content Creation

Have you been filming a lot of great content on your mobile device and are looking for the best video editing apps that are both creative and easy to use? I’ve rounded out some of the best ones I’ve found that I absolutely LOVE and these will help you elevate your video editing game in only a few minutes!

1) InShot (Available on Google Play and Apple App Store)

InShot is one of the best video editing apps I’ve used and it’s loaded with features. I use it like 75% of the time for editing videos on my phone.

Things like…⁣
• cropping for every video format⁣
• easy-to-use interface⁣
• fun transition/⁣
• all kinda of editing features like reverse, change speed, rotate, flip.⁣
• tons of filters, effects, and color editing⁣
• Music and gif overlay, they even have royalty-free songs you can use
• oh, and voice over recording⁣

The only drawback maybe for some is you do have to pay for extra effects. I think you can pay $2 to $3 for additional bundles of effects, transitions, etc, but there’s quite a bit that are free to use. I just bought a 70% off year subscription and it was $15 bucks. I can do that cause I plan on using this app a lot!⁣

Here’s an example of a video I edited in InShot…check out the fun gifs, nice type effects, and sound effects you can add in!

2) Motion Stills by Google (Available on Google Play and Apple App Store)

I don’t know about you, but for a while I would see my LIVE videos play and I would think they were so cool, but I didn’t know how to turn that looping video into something I could actually post! Motion Stills is the way to go and I think it’s a great alternative to Boomerangs! ⁣In the app, your LIVE videos simply preview as short form videos and you can save them to your phone as a 3 second looping video. The only drawback to this app is that it watermarks it with motion stills in the corner, but if you post these in square format, you don’t have a problem.

3) HypeType (available in Google Play and Apple App Store)

The Hype Type app has some super fun app effects that I really dig! And it’s great for moving quote art over your photos/videos! I think a lot of video editing programs don’t have great font choices, but this app has a lot of modern and current fonts.

The interface is pretty good, though the upload of photos and videos can sometimes screw up on me and that’s super annoying. Also if you don’t pay the $20 a year fee, then you get the watermark on there. And I’m not sure I’m THAT excited about it to do that. But here’s my work around.⁣

If you go into the app and import a square image or vertical video (with main image placed in the center) you can save it without the little watermark in the corner. It does save it as a vertical video but I take it into the InShot app to crop it. I did this process on all these videos.⁣

I like most of the font choices and there’s a few more I’d like access to (with paid subscription) but it’s not enough right now for me to make that leap.⁣ I’ve done quite a bit with it for free!

So what do you think? Which one of these cool video editing apps would you like to try? Go download them and let me know which one you like best for editing your videos!