10 Ways to Build Positive Momentum Toward a Project or Goal

For a lot of us creatives we can be so overwhelmed with ideas, life, or our own personal issues that it can be hard to simply start on ANYTHING. Instead of getting started, we can get stuck in a rut that can turn into an even bigger mess (emotionally or literally). For example, if you’ve ever had to clean or organize your craft room, sometimes the mess is unbearable and it’s easier to clean the door to our space than tackle the issue at hand. So what happens?  We avoid that room, thus keeping us further away from our creativity or making a mess in another room that becomes just as bad. And you know what? One small action like putting away a bag full of creative supplies from the craft store or clearing off our sewing table is just what we need to get the motivation going. They always say the secret to success is getting started, so here’s some ways you can start building some momentum toward your goals that can potentially be a catalyst to bigger things.

Write a text or email or make a phone call you’ve been putting off, take care of your shiz

2) Share a connection or important insight/tool/tip with a friend or colleague to help them grow in their relationships/knowledge

3) Bury the hatchet on a past conflict, accept accountability and move on (especially with someone you care deeply about)

4) Do something out of your day to day routine… wear a new lipstick, dress up for work, or try a recipe you never normally try

5) Help out or offer a listening ear to someone who’s going through a rough time, it will help build empathy and give you perspective

6) Knock out that project you’ve been putting off and if you need to, employ a buddy to hold you accountable

7) Purposely force yourself to stay off the phone or Netflix (struggling with this…read this); put that time to use in a productive way

8) Tell someone you adore how much you care for them, this also applies to people you enjoy their content online, let them know, you could make someone’s day and also make a new friend.  Also the good energy you put out there comes back to you!

9) Have a conversation with a stranger and gain a new insight; open yourself to people instead of staying closed off

10) Go to a local event or class to network and/or relax and learn a new skill

Hope these little tips make you think and help you get in a more positive mood this week! Which one do you think you will try?

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