5 Motivation Tips for Creatives

Are you struggling with your creativity as of late and can’t seem to focus on your passions? Being a creative can be hard because…SQUIRREL!  We can often get distracted by anything and everyone.  It is incredibly hard to stay on task these days, especially now with all the notifications and updates happening on your social media and the need to be connected to your phone 24/7.  Believe me, I have a hard time with it too, but am COMMITTED to getting better, even if it is baby steps.  Here’s a few things I’ve been doing that have helped me out a lot and I hope they can help you get into the zone as well.

In addition, some food for thought I recently heard a podcast or Youtube video that said that if we treated our time more like jobs we were committed to that it really can get us in a better mindset.  For example, a delivery driver has to make sure he gets his shipment from point A to B in a certain span of time. If you look at your work more as a job like that (making pit stops/fill ups along the way), it can get you into a healthier groove with your time.

1) Use your voice device (like Amazon Alexa) to set timers to remind you to get off phone; you can say, “Alexa, set a timer for 15 minutes” then let yourself have those minutes to peruse the internet and social media as you wish.  Once the time goes off, you put the phone down and get to work.  You can also do this to set up blocks of time of uninterrupted work. If you don’t have an smart voice device, you can always use a handheld timer or your phone.

2) Take a forced detox from technology. Put your phone in a drawer or in another room where you are doing your creative work.  If you don’t trust yourself, ask a family member to hold the phone for you so you don’t use it. Force yourself to stay in the zone for hour blocks at a time.  If you are going long spans of time, maybe have 5-15 minute breaks of time to do a quick check, use restroom, get a glass of water, etc. but stay committed to getting back to the work.

3) Have an accountability buddy where you can both help each other stay focused and
 in the zone. Meet together at each other’s house, coffee shop or co-working space to get work done. This will also help have another person to call you out if you are staying
 lacking focus, etc. You both will feel a sense of accomplishment and empowered (just like if you had a walking buddy to exercise with)

4) Before you begin your work, plot out your goal and the steps it will help you get to the goal. This way, you can focus on one step at a time, then take a mini break in between to accomplish your larger goal. 

 This will make the job seem less arduous and you can reward yourself with coffee or a little treat in between each mini goal accomplishment.

5) Give yourself a deadline. For example, purposely plan a fun activity in the middle of the day or evening, then commit to getting the work done before you meet your friend for lunch -or- before you allow yourself to go to Starbucks. Not only will you want to get the work done before the deadline; you will also be rewarding yourself for the work you just completed.

Which one of these do you think fits your personality most and will be something you think you can do to stay focused?  Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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