10 ways to show up authentically for your brand

When you show up on your web site, blog, newsletter, or social media channels, do you really show up as you are? I mean, really? It can be challenging to figure out how to show up authentically and it can also be scary. If you want people to start relating to what you have to say and believing in your message, they have to hear your voice, feel your heart, and believe in what you have to say. Admittedly, this is something that comes fairly easy for me, but I realize it is really hard for a lot of people. I’m providing ten tips below that you can try to get out of your comfort zone and start sharing your personality…here we go!

These days, a more conversational tone and a less corporate-sounding tone wins on the ‘net. It only makes sense. People want to feel like they are hearing from a person and not a robot. When writing always read out loud what you wrote and make sure it sounds like you would actually speak it.

People want to hear from people who are unguarded without their boundaries up. They want real. So when you write think of how you would explain something to your best friend. LOL, within reason of course. There’s some things you probably wouldn’t write that you’d say to your friend.

Use your fave emoji’s on your social media posts. Again, don’t overdo it, but a thumbs up or heart-eyed emoji helps bring your content to life. And it’s something everyone uses in text and DM’s, so your audience is very familiar with it.

Take realistic photos of yourself. It is natural to want to Photoshop out every zit or trim your waistline, but sometimes showing your muffin top or self without makeup makes you super relatable. People actually admire you for being able to have courage to show what you consider your flaws.5) If you write something and it scares you a little bit, share it. Oftentimes the things we are most unsure of are the things that connect with people most. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable or put yourself out there in a way that feels a bit foreign to you.

Use stories more (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook); this shows you more with your hair down and less polished. People are watching stories now more than ever so showing the good, the bad, and behind-the-scenes is where it’s at.

If you are overthinking picking a photo or writing a caption, ask a trusted friend for their gut decision. Sometimes our friends can see us more authentically than we see ourselves and can help us in decision-making processes.

Do more Facebook and Instagram LIVES. It can be uncomfortable and put you on the spot, but part of LIVES is capturing the imperfect and unexpected. Sometimes my best wisdom, one-liners and quotable moments have come from being in the live spotlight.

Share more of what you love doing…from dancing to AM running to jamming out to music to writing in your journal to going on a Target run. Show the real parts of your day and how you do you. Again, this is super relatable content that people connect with.

Don’t try to be perfect, cause there is no perfect. Put things out there, try new things, and embrace who you are. Don’t always wait for the “right” moment, best hair day, or spark of inspiration. Sometimes the simple truths and moments can be the most impactful, and they are the things that you can’t plan. Keep an open mind and most importantly, be yourself!

Which one of these tips would you like to try this year to show up more on your sites and social channels. Let me know which one resonates most with you!

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The Swell Creative 2019 January Content Challenge

New Year, New You! Right? Of course, the new year is all about reflection of the year that has passed and the year ahead. If you are looking to kickstart your content into gear for 2019, this is a GREAT way to start creating engaging content that can get you outside your comfort zone.

I’ve come up with these 31 fun prompts for this month in this January Content/Photo of the Day Challenge. I want you to share what you feel comfortable sharing; but I will tell you the more honest you are the more you will get from this and the more people will see something in you that they see in themselves!⁣

I encourage to you to post this on 1 or more social media channels. You could approach these in your IG feed, your stories if you’d rather talk through them, or on your Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. Now on some of those apps, using the hashtag is kinda useless, but I want these to be prompts for you more than anything. If you decide to use these prompts in a personal journal and just share with yourself, this is totally cool too! ⁣

Also, if there’s a few of these you’d like to do and not all, that’s totally fine too! Go at your own pace. I am using this as a guide for my own content and also to keep myself accountable to posting each day this month to show up for myself. Reach out to me if you have any questions on what to post or where to get started! Share your posts with #swellcreative and tag me @swellcreative. I can’t wait to see what you post!